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We understand that industrial ambition begins with the master planning. Proper and detailed planning through the feasibility study, site selection, and design stages are paramount in minimizing the impact of the unforeseen obstacles throughout the process. From the onset of a project, Pattillo will work intimately & diligently with the customer to implement every resource at our disposal to ensure that all aspects required for the project are fully conceptualized to meet the needs & requirements.

Site Selection
Based on the specific requirements, we will identify all suitable sites across a broad range or conduct assessments of your predetermined site that best suits the needs for your facility. We will compile all necessary data such as site and facility layout, utility needs, production low, permitting requirements and any other potential incentives that may be available in the selections of a site.

Feasibility Study
Planning for a new facility is a complex task that requires a great deal of diligence & analysis. With our broad experience, we will perform in depth research of key information such as schedule, finances, technical values & construction to determine the best course of action moving forward in the planning of your facility.

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